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Tree Tools and Pruning Tips

Proper tools are essential for satisfactory pruning. The choice of which tool to use depends largely on the size of branches to be pruned and the amount of pruning to be done.

Treating Wounds

Tree sap, gums, and resins are the natural means by which trees combat invasion by pathogens.

Pruning Guidelines

To encourage the development of a strong, healthy tree, consider the following guidelines when pruning.

Palm Tree Care

If you are new to palm tree care, or even if you have some experience, ATSS offers the following palm tree resources concerning proper palm tree care and additional resources via external links.

Safety Guidelines for Trees and Power Lines

Learn how to stay safe around trees and power lines, and how to make sure any tree you plant is a SafeTree.

System Attributes

Learn more about our system's attributes.

Featured video

This professional arborist demonstration was filmed when we were selling 5 poles. We now sell 6 poles with over 6,000 systems sold.

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