Top Four Types of Tree Pruning | Tree Care

For an average homeowner, it can sometimes be difficult to know if the trees on your property need trimming. In addition to the tree’s appearance being a good reason to invest in tree trimmer saws, your trees will also benefit from fine, regular pruning to keep them healthier.

There are several different types of tree trimming that you may require over time:

Fine Pruning – This is done to take away smaller limbs and to improve appearance.

Standard Pruning – This involves heavier cutting to enhance the structure of the branches.

Crown-Reduction – This includes significant branch removal, best for instances when branches interfere with nearby power lines, or there is storm damage.

Hazard Trimming – This is when you may need a 30-foot length tree pole pruner or other advanced tools to take down any branches that pose a safety concern.

When you are looking for tree trimmer saws, we have plenty of incredible options for you to choose from at American Tree Service Supply. You will find high-quality shears and pruning tools that allow you to tackle even the toughest job. Whether you are a homeowner working on weekend projects or you run a tree care business, we have the pricing and selection that you need.

Pole Pruners

If you are hoping to tackle light pruning or you have deadwood in the trees to reach, we have excellent pole pruning tools available. These can be used on any type of tree, and you can usually cut branches that are up to 1 ¼ inch in diameter.

Pruning Saws

You can browse through a range of pruning saws in our collection, including those that take on branches that measure anywhere from 1 ½ inch up to five inches in diameter. This includes the option of a long-handled saw for high pruning to get into tough-to-reach spaces.

There are countless benefits that come from regular tree trimming and using our tree trimmer saws. To start with, proper trimming helps to eliminate branches that may be dying or dead, which helps to improve tree health. You can also improve upon the structure and appearance of the tree and keep it from starting to develop weak or broad branches.

Did you know that trimming trees on a regular basis also helps with both air circulation and sun exposure for both the tree as well as the landscape below? All of this works together to also boost the tree’s health. If you happen to have fruit trees on your property, regular trimming can even boost the quantity and size of each crop.

Whether you are looking for tree pruners for your home or business, we are here to help at American Tree Service Supply. If you would like to buy our custom-made tree saws or our pole pruner systems, you can do so by clicking here. You can also get in touch with us by filling out our convenient online contact form. Our team is available to assist you with all of your questions or concerns that you may have when it comes to selecting and purchasing the best tree trimmer saws and tools that get you quality results.