System Attributes

  1. Poles are 6 ft long sections of Consistent Diameter Aluminum. (C.D.A.)
  2. Interlocking stack-able pole sections remain rigid when fully extended.
  3. Tube wall is approx. 1/8 inch.
  4. Secure Single or Double Pin Interlocking Mechanism Depending on Model Chosen.
  5. Heavy Duty Phoenix Lightweight Universal Cast Aluminum Saw Head w/Hook (Accepts Most Blades)
  6. Marvin 16 inch L x 13.8 inch tooth Hardened Chrome Steel | 2 Position Tri-Edge Cut | Hooked Tip resharpen-able blade. Sharpening technique>>>:
  7. Phoenix Pruner Head Features 1-3/4 inch branch cutting capability.
  8. Poles are anodized or powder coated| No "Black Hand" From Oxidation.
  9. Universal components are of superior quality and can be inexpensively replaced.
  10. Our aluminum poles come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!