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Our pole saw system grows in height as your trees do.
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Who we are

American Tree Service Supply (ATSS) is known by its customers for providing them not only the solution for their high reach pole saw applications, but also OUTSTANDING customer service. (See our testimonials) We deal with online vendors too and most have taught us "what not to do!" We have worked hard to make your experience with us a very positive experience.

We are honest hard working people offering as much value as we possibly can to our valued clients. We specialize in customized personalized service.

What We Do

We are committed to the promise that every person will be treated fairly, honestly, ethically and respectfully in a timely manner.

Business success is not the be all-end all……happy customers are. We build pole saw and pole pruner systems customized to our clients needs. That's it. That's all we do, we focus on a specific niche and do it well with a very focused approach and we do it better than anybody else!

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