Frequently asked questions

A professional can save you a lot of time in the process of cutting down or trimming a tree. You also will not have to worry about safety because they know how to direct the fall to the right angle. Cutting down your own greenery requires you to understand the fundamental techniques of making a quick and safe cut with the correct tools. This means getting the right tool for the job, and the longest pole saw on the market. Please research proper cutting and safety techniques.

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  • Can I buy additional poles after the fact?

    Yes, but due to excessive shipping charges that must be added, we strongly suggest you consider the purchase of additional poles when you order your system. They are inexpensive and it's not a bad idea to have on hand "just in case."

  • What is the difference between the systems.

    The main difference is the number of poles. The HP system has 4 poles. The PS systems have 6. The more expensive systems have BOTH a saw head AND a pruner/lopper head. Minor assembly required.

  • As with any product of this nature that extends to that length, is there going to be an issue with bending or twisting when extended out beyond 20-25 feet?

    No, because our poles have a consistent diameter that locksnaps into place, they do not bend, twist, loosen, collapse or flex while cutting.

  • Can I cut through a branch that might be up to 4-5 in diameter?

    Yes, the blade is 16" with 13 in + tooth cut with a hooked tip to help keep it in the cut. I have clients trim 6-7" diameter branches after gaining experience with the pole saw. Our pruner lopper can cut 1-3/4in branches, largest cut in the industry.

  • Can you give me any other information that would convince me that your saw is the best for the money, as I would like to order one in the next day or so.


    1. Should a telescopic model gets bent, you will probably end up having to throw it and your investment away. With our system, should one pole get damaged, it is easily replaced and you're back in business, and you can continue on trimming with the other poles while awaiting delivery of the new pole.
    2. The aluminum poles have a lifetime warranty against splitting, buckling. cracking or a split in the tube. Send us a pic of the defect and we will ship one free.
    3. Our saw head is universal that can accept most blades, including the brand name blade provided with the system. We do not hold you hostage to have to do business with us. Most competitors pole saws have you "tied in" to their exclusive blades.
    4. To enhance user safety, along with the safety links we send you, we strongly suggest the purchase of an ergonomic handle accessory. We are the only company that I know that sells anything close to the quality of ours. This handle assists the user in "pulling back" the unit at the completion of a cut. Regardless of manufacturer, at 30', gravity does its job. With your hand having a solid grip and by using your triceps to pull or hold a position, you reduce back strain, finger, forearm and wrist strain, and in addition, you maintain a more upright position during the task.
    5. The ergonomic handle is strongly advised for the PSS models as the diameter of the pole may be to large to handle properly. With the handle accessory, you greatly increase your control and reduce strain.
    6. Our systems are expandable, and we are introducing new quality accessory products, such as the handle accessory just released.
    7. The delivered cost per foot makes our systems the best VALUE on the market! We invite you to do the math with shipping charges included in your equation.
    8. The saw head adapter (provided) doubles as a hand saw!
  • I purchased your equipment but I did not receive a receipt?

    You will receive email receipt within one minute of completion of sale. Should you not receive a receipt, please check the email address you entered. If a typo is discovered, please email us the correct email address. You will also receive an email notice with notification of shipment. Your Instructions, Tips & Tricks are attached to this email. Please provide a valid email address and white-list us. We can also forward a copy, just ask.

  • What is the return policy?

    Terms of Sale & Return Policy

    1. Upon receipt of your system, you have seven (7) days from the date of receipt to examine the systems quality. Assemble the system and check for ease of use. If dissatisfied for any reason with the quality & within this time frame, American Tree Service Supply will refund your credit card for the item less our freight charges which will be deducted from the purchased price. Client/Customer is responsible for return shipment charges. Merchandise must be re-shipped in original packaging, UNUSED, and verified shipped by the 7 day grace period. Any part of the system that has been USED can only be returned or exchanged if DEFECTIVE.
    2. We will credit the refund back to your credit card (within 7 days) after receipt of goods and passing inspection. You will receive notice by an email from Authorize.net that the transaction occurred. CREDITS TO YOUR ACCOUNT MAY TAKE UP TO TWO BILLING CYCLES TO APPEAR.
    3. You must contact us prior to reshipment or you forfeit this refund clause. Contact us by emailing atss2020@yahoo.com or call us at 877-208-9548.
    4. All sales are final once the product has been used.
  • Why should you invest in the longest pole saw?

    The hand pole has incredible performance with just eight interconnected poles. The poles are steady and suitable for regular top-notch performance at thirty feet above the ground. The pruner feature has a kit of different bases and heads that attach to make differently sized poles.

    You can easily see the operation mechanism from a video of our staff adjusting the pole for use.


    Our longest pole saws for tree pruning are built to last. The saw’s body has steel that gives the saw a long-lasting performance. Our saws have a pulley spring to ease the adjustment and reduce the mechanical damage of expanding and shrinking the poles.

    Easy conversion

    A long pole should be easy to transfer to a different head. You should have an easy time transferring the head to a rod with a different telescopic diameter if you want to reach higher heights.

    Our pole systems require assembly and you can reduce the number of poles needed for short height. This aspect reduces the height and makes sure the weight drops with the right speed while reaching for lower hanging branches.

  • What to watch out for from our 30-feet pole saw

    Rough beginning usage

    Holding a 30-foot length tree pole pruner in the air is not an easy task, no matter the quality of the material. Many other pole manufacturers do not risk producing a pole saw with our kind of reach because it would require additional engineering to maintain the quality level of shorter saws.

    Note that the long pole could get wobbly for a beginning user unused to the longer reach, however this inconvenience is a minor issue with an easy resolution. It is also natural to get a better handle of the pole after regular use of its tallest configuration.

  • How to use our pole saw

    Here are our suggestions on how to use our long pole saws effectively:

    Cutting branches

    Of course the main use of our extended long reach manual and electric pole saw is cutting branches – exactly what the saw is designed to do. A pole saw is the best too available for a branch that is too far to reach with another saw type. Any branch that is high enough to require a ladder would be better cut using a pole saw.


    This service is another common application of the saw. Most tree caretakers will cut off dead ends of a branch to allow light or reduce excess shade throughout the day.


    Pruning shapes the tree to give it the ideal growth shape.

    We offer a couple of specific long tree trimmers and pole saws structures that will serve all of these functions well. Invest in one if you find you need a better tool for these jobs.

Still have questions?

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