Pick the Perfect Pole Saw: A Buyer's Guide

Pruning trees make your garden look more attractive, while also increasing the productivity and health of your flowering shrubs. However, when it comes to pruning tall trees, you will get a better result if you use the right tool to achieve this task. Some of the important gardening tools are tree trimmers and pole saws.

Fortunately, you can avoid ladder work or at least minimize it by utilizing pole saws. These can range from a simple saw attached to the end of a tree pole to electric pole saws. At American Tree Service Supply, we are leading providers of quality; custom made pole pruners and tree saws. We offer a great selection of tree saws and tree pole pruners to reach branches in the most challenging areas. Contact us today.

Why Should You Buy a Pole Saw?

If you have tall shrubs or trees on your yard, you can use a pole saw to remove branches that would normally require the use of a ladder to reach. There are several models available in the market, so you can easily get the one that is suitable for your needs. The tools are also effective for reaching across objects such as fences and hedges.

Although it takes a lot of effort to prune tree branches with a pole saw, you can achieve accuracy at work. Electric pole saws, for instance, are very efficient and effective to use when cutting hard to reach branches. Most pole saws offered by American Tree Service Supply are also multi-functional. So, you can use the device to trim or prune tree branches, and then detach the pole to cut fallen limbs.

What is the Longest Pole Saw Available?

The length of the long pole saw you choose to prune overhead branches will be determined by how tall your trees are. So, check the normal and extendable length of the pole saw you are going to buy. You can reach a new height with our pole saws. And with 30-foot length tree pole pruners, we offer some of the longest pole saws for tree pruning available.

You are going to need this pole pruner if your lawn has plenty of tall trees with higher branches. And at that length, you can use our pole saw to cut any tree.

Extended Long Reach Manual Vs. Electric Pole Saws

When deciding which pole saw to buy, consider your individual requirements. That being said, manual pole saws are better suited for certain situations such as sawing. You can also achieve light pruning with this type of pole saw. However, it requires a high degree of skill and a substantial effort.

An electric pole saw, on the other hand, is better suited for thicker pruning of branches. They also offer better control than manual pole saws, which makes them more expensive.

Shop for Your Pole Saw Today

At American Tree Service Supply, we have extended long reach manual and electric pole saws in various styles and sizes to help you easily cut through any size of branches. Contact us today to buy our custom-made tree saws and pole pruner systems.