Long Pole Saw: Everything You Need To Know

There is a correct pruning pole for every trimming or cutting project. The best choice will deal with your problems while working effectively and minimizing risk. Luckily, ATSS has a couple of long pole saws that vary in their mechanical composition and mode of use. It is prudent to find the longest pole saws for tree pruning that matches the specifics of your job by understanding the physical descriptions of all long pole saws.

Power saws

Electric saws

Power options include cordless battery-operated, electric and gas-powered saws. Electric saws are usually affordable options that run between $60 and $130. However, they do have a limit on how far you can cut away from the power source. They weigh about fifteen pounds and make less noise than their counterparts. They are excellent for cutting large branches that are unmanageable for the traditional pruning tools.

Cordless saws

These tools have rechargeable batteries and are excellent for distant projects away from a power source. They make clean cuts for medium-sized branches of up to eight inches and are pricier than electric models. The power capability varies according to the indicated voltage, which is representative of the battery in the system.

The tools are great for beginning pruners wanting to tidy a tree or tall shrub. Our store has a few options for all types of saws, which satisfy the operational requirements of different projects.

Attributes of our extended long reach manual and electric pole saws

The overall anatomy of a long pole saw is present in all variations. What is the longest pole saw available? Our tools adhere to industry and company-based standards, to give the client the best operation and use. The following are the mandatory features you will find in all the saws:


  • An interlocking mechanism that enforces rigidity during use
  • A sturdy pole with heavy aluminum and hard chrome steel and a 1/8 inch tube wall to fortify the operational strength
  • A long reach of six feet by one interlocking section

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  • The poles have a powder or iodine coating that prevents oxidation
  • A sharp branch cutting capability
  • Light aluminum materials to allow a smooth lift of the saw
  • A warranty package for all products

The anatomy of a pole saw


These features are lightweight and extend with a telescopic design to produce the most extended reach

Saw blade

The blade has teeth that cut the tree.

Some of our blades may differ from that of an electric saw because they are designed for manual operation. Manual blades are long and have a curve in the middle so that you can make a controlled cut while standing on the ground. It has also been designed to be very durable because it is built to make more movements than the electric saw.


This component drives the blades’ motion; hence, a big motor will give the most powerful operation. Corded pole saws have the smallest engines while gas-powered ones have the biggest.


It would be impossible to use a long pole saw if it does not have a trigger handle. The handle allows a grip of the pole saw and provides the right amount of power to the system’s assembly.

Our stock of tree trimmers and pole saws give you different trimming and pruning capabilities. Check out our online listings to evaluate which one will be a worthwhile purchase.