Extra-Long Pole Saw User Guide & Safety Tips

You have three main options when you cannot reach a branch from the ground: using a ladder, calling a professional, or swapping the traditional saw with an extra-long pole saw. The difference between last option and the others is that you may not have the safety knowledge of a professional arborist. You must understand how you can perform these tasks while preventing dangerous falls and accidents.

What is the most extended pole saw available?

We have a 30-foot length tree pole pruner that will reach 30 or more feet.

How to use our long pole saw

Clear the area

Clear a large ground portion to allow quick and safe movement, so you are not in danger when the branch falls.

Choose the cut and position the saw

Removing a single branch involves several preliminary steps. Try making a few cuts at the horizontal or near-horizontal surface to reduce the final weight of the branch.

Bring the saw to a vertical position and maintain the best angle that will control its weight. Reposition the saw to make a clear cut and by resting its weight against the branch.

Relocate and cut

Move around your standing position until you can hold the pole’s end to the chest level. The longest pole saws for tree pruning should be at an angle of the cut to allow an easy up and down motion. Make a groove with slow perpendicular strokes on the branch. This groove will guide your entire cut and enable faster strokes as you deepen the cut.

Finish the cut slowly as you wait for gravity to pull down the branch. This pause gives you time to prepare for a quick escape to avoid the branch’s weight. Make sure you clean the work area of the fallen branches so that you do not trip and fall while escaping the next cut branch.

Safety measures of using an extra-long pole saw

Many elements influence how the branch will fall off the tree. These factors are not directly connected to the pole saw and could change in minutes, such as the strength and direction of the wind. Other influential elements include gravity, electricity, and weight of the tree of the branch. The following tips will help safeguard the user of a long pole saw.

  • Pole saws are only convenient for limbs and branches that are a couple of inches thick. Cutting thicker wood poses an additional danger and causes you to get tired fast
  • Tree trimmers and pole saws get heavy to operate when the extensions are above eight feet in height
  • Certain work areas increase the danger of using power saws, such as working near power lines

ATSS has several custom tree saws and pole pruner systems. Check out our store to purchase one that will suit your pruning or cutting needs. Feel free to discuss the features with our customer support team if you have any questions on our products.