5 Reasons to Buy the ATSS Long Reach Pole Saw

Proper yard maintenance uses several tools to prune and remove dense shrubs. Understanding the best way to shop for a pole takes minimal effort and will go a long way in enabling a lush green environment.

The ATSS tree pruners have diverse custom qualities that make it easy to use. The saw eliminates the need for a ladder because it has six long interlocking poles. The lightweight design offers excellent flexibility while preventing twists or collapses while cutting slightly thicker branches. It has a smooth handling surface that works well with a pair of workman gloves.

Five reasons to buy the ATSS long reach pole saw

Working height

The saw’s working saw is on the lower part of the packaging. Most manufacturers estimate two or one foot less than the actual length. ATSS indicates the accurate measurement, so you know what you will be working with before committing. Most shears and pruning tools have a maximum height of up to twelve feet. Our stock is easy to operate because of the telescopic engineering that is easy to adjust.

Bar length

The cutting bar determines the maximum diameter of the branch you should cut. A standard rule of thumb is that the cutting bar should be two inches longer than that branch’s diameter. This setting means you should buy a ten-inch bar to cut an eight-inch branch. Our 30-foot length tree pole pruner has accurate measurements for a satisfactory shopping experience.


The heaviest poles weigh about twenty pounds and tend to feel heavy when working overhead. Electric and long cordless saws have lighter poles and are therefore easy to manipulate. ATSS has several custom poles made of the best lightweight materials.


The best long-handled saw for high pruning has a permanent attachment of the cutting head on the long reach pole saw. This aspect is helpful if you wish to cut small pieces of the cut branch or tree. We have separate blade attachments that you can unplug for more handy.

The saw should also be able to cut a few close branches with one move. Our tools can tackle softwood branches and hardwood ones equally well because the teeth are designed for optimal performance for years.

Accessory features

Manufacturers always strive to make the pole durable and easy to handle. Others go the extra mile to incorporate anti-vibration features, non-slip grips, and a self-oiling mechanism.

Our saw has a universal head that can mount on any size of pole. We include a cap at the bottom of the last pole to give a firm grip. The package also has gloves, so you do not have to shop for a pair.