Did You Know?

At American Tree Service Supply we are very concerned about user safety during tree pruning activities. Our site has links directing users to safety sites and OSHA regulations and we decided to shy away from selling both electric and gas chainsaws which maim people far to often.

We compiled the following information of the stats.
DID YOU KNOW …?·         Each year in the US there are over 30,000 gas and electric chainsaw related injuries, some of which are catastrophic.
·         More than a quarter of the chainsaw-related injuries that occur in the US each year are the result of ‘kickback.’  This occurs when the tip of the guide bar comes in contact with a solid object and jerks upward suddenly. 1
·         Kickbacks can cause injuries to the neck, shoulder, face, and hand. Just this month pro

·         36% of chainsaw injuries affect the legs and knees. 2
·         31,000 people were treated in the hospital emergency departments in 2012 for chainsaw injuries. 3
·         The average injury required 110 stiches. 4
·         The medical costs for these injuries amount to over $350 million each year.5
·         You should NEVER cut with a chainsaw from a ladder, as the branch you are cutting may fall and hit the ladder, causing you to lose your balance and resulting in serious injury.  In its 2013 report the Tree Care Industry Association reported that there were 158 occupational tree care accidents. 6         
·         Most chainsaw accidents occur because the operator is either inexperienced and therefore not using the tool correctly, or he simply cannot handle the chain saw because it is above his skill level.  Poor judgment also contributes to accidents.  7
·         Many chainsaw users fail to wear the required personal protective equipment (PPE) such as leg chaps and knee pads that are designed to protect the legs.

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Here are a few of the chainsaw related injuries that made headlines across the US in the last few years:

A man FELL ON A CHAINSAW he was using seriously injuring himself, and air care had to be called in to assist.  -  Clermont County, Ohio. 1

A man INJURED HIS HAND in a CHAINSAW ACCIDENT.  - Dennis,Massachusetts. 2

A landscaper in Ross Township, Pennsylvania was lucky to survive after a CHAINSAW SLICED 2 INCHES DEEP INTO HIS NECK AND SHOULDER after the chain saw suddenly kicked back. 3

A man was injured in Raleigh, North Carolina while using an ELECTRIC CHAINSAW to trim a tree outside his home. 4

These accidents are not limited to the US alone in December 2011 a man in the UK accidentally severed an artery in his throat with a chain saw and bled to death. 5

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