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Testimonials Page 3
"After using the PSS30ER  a number of months, I can honestly report that all the components of the system have performed excellently in the field. A much needed tool that is cost effective, well-crafted, and quite durable. In addition, the speed, efficiency, and communication of your company is laudable in a time that customer service is often sacrificed at the expense of the bottom line." Best Regards, Brian - Long Island, NY

Hello, I was able to completely limb one 40 foot tree that afternoon without damaging either the our house or my wife's large tulip bed below the tree. By the way all of these trees are rooted in my neighbors yard but lean over the fence and are damaging my chimney and roof.  With that pole saw, I can do all the trimming necessary without stepping in my neighbors yard.  With all the limbs falling straight down into my yard, all the neighbor can do is fume. Police were parked in their cruiser at the property line to referee.  I think one of the policemen may order one of your pole saws. Thanks again, George S.

"The quality of the pole saw is more than I expected. I also appreciate the excellent service I received. Only wish I had ordered the extra blade to get free shipping. Will order soon. Thanks;" Henry-CA

"The pole saw arrived complete and worked as expected. This is a much better solution than a chainsaw on a pole. " CKM, FL.

" Hello, I put the saw together over the weekend. We're losing a good portion of our Black Oaks, and many of our Live Oaks, and thought I'd give it a try to take a couple of them down. Good saw, and after 5 hours, not a bad workout (ha!). One was about 45 ft tall." Stan-CA

"Thanks for your attention to detail, the saw works great! Kurt-"CA

First of all, great product and i could not be happier. My dad has an old power company trimmer pruner made out of pine poles that goes together in sections like this one, but that one is a ball buster and awkward. I really couldnt be more impressed and you should be proud of your product. The only bad thing is if the neighbors see me, they will want to use it:)  Sincerely, Dennis

Greetings, Everything arrived and I was able to use the trimmer yesterday. It worked beautifully. Both the pruner and the saw operate at high levels very effectively. It takes a little time to get the hang of it especially fully extended but the trimmer is precisely engineered and expertly manufactured to provide what I expect to be years of service. In one day I recovered the cost of the trimmer. And the carrying case is a smart idea. Thanks for making such a fine tool. Regards, Tom

Good morning, I purchased ATSS Pole Saw Pruner Lopper PSPL30NC last week and it arrived as promised. I had been considering a power pruner between 400..00 and 600.00 but was concerned about cost of power pruner and reach for something I would use intermittently. I thought about renting an AWP for 250..00+ but was concerned about weight of unit tearing up yard. I’m glad I found your site and read testimonials. Pruner worked as promised and I was really impressed with construction and ease of use. I have many large trees on property of all types and cutting branches from ground was safer and quicker then I would have hoped. I have 24ft extension ladder and with it fully extended I was able to use it in conjunction with pruner. When I used 3 sections on saw it was light enough to safely hit branches at levels higher then 35 feet when on ladder.  I do tie in when on ladder and using pruner which I highly recommend.  I saved the AWP rental and have a high quality long life low maintenance high capacity pruner/lopper to boot. Thank you for great product and I will spread word. Bob B.

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to accumulate multiple piles of brush around the yard.  My prior pole saw was a Fiskars from Home Depot and what a difference your saw made!  My back yard is more open then it's been in 12 years and I've offered my service to neighbors and friends. Corey A.

Greetings, I am writting to you as I am so impressed with your product... does what you said it would...my initial reaction to the blade was not good...(any product that has to be labeled "high quality" usually is not) and the "fit and finish" are indicative or poor quality...(china,india or mexico) but I was wrong...and it works very well. Thanks, Steve J.

Hello staff at ATSS, Just a quick note to let you know that the saw head etc. arrived. Thank you once again for your prompt attention to this matter. If all customer service was like yours it would be a wonderful thing. Thanks again. Morris

Hi, I used my new saw. I want you to know that it is fantastic. My husband used it some, but I actually used it myself (I am a 58 year old woman). If I can stand it up and lean it on a branch, I can add extensions onto it. I can just put it on the branch and the weight holds it down. It cuts like butter! I love it so much! It will save us so much trouble and money. Sincerely, Susan W