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Testimonials Page 4

I purchased the TPS30 Pole Saw and Ergonomic Handle Grip . The products arrived in less than a week, a big plus. ATSS was good with e-mail correspondence no waiting around for someone to get back to you with an answer, I was missing instructions and got a response within an hour, again a big plus. The pole saw itself is of pretty simple design as the poles lock together with a pop lock design and the head is well made. The saw blade is sharp and cuts both ways, all though I found the back stroke made the most saw dust. Performance of the saw was great. I used all sections together which takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it limbs will be falling in no time. This pole saw really shines with three sections together, no flex at all (very little with all five). I bought this pole saw after comparing it to more expensive tele saws. I am glad I did, value, rock solid performance and let me say it again value. I build turkey calls and use black walnut limbs between 5" & 6" in diameter this saw got me those choice limbs where a tele saw would have come up short in many different ways. The next test for this saw will be clearing shooting lanes for deer stands, I'm sure it will cut my chore time in half. I would strongly recommend this saw to anyone, home owner, or professional. Great product, highly recomended. Thank you ATSS. Mark H.

Thank you for the great personal service.  I will tell all my friends about your company and try to send some business your way. All the best, David M

I received my TPS30 saw system in two packages as you described. I am very pleased with the quality of everything. I have had the opportunity to make a dry run on two 3-4 inch limbs. I was well pleased with the result. The pole saw system is capable of doing everything I need to do. I want to thank you for all your help and excellent service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Best Regards, Chester V

Thank you very much as the clips arrived today. You service, as with the original purchase, was first class. This saw has been a big help, and I look forward to the next tree trimming project. Robert

Hello;  Tried out the lopper on a maple, worked great! Thanks again. Regards,  Barry.

I used the pruner yesterday (with 4 poles) and was very happy with the reach and cutting experience. I was initially skeptical about the 1¾” poles being too heavy but I’m glad I went with the these poles. Thank you again.  George 

Greetings, There has been a long delay between my order arrival and a chance to use the system. I am delighted! I have been looking at the pruning systems offered in some of the catalogs I normally get but most of them had poles no longer than 12-15 feet. When I saw your system I knew it was what I needed. This weekend, I used the system to remove a 5" diameter black cherry branch about 20' up the trunk. I first cut off the small stuff with the lopper then finished the job with the pole saw. I only needed three pole sections (18') to reach the branch. All went well and I really like your systemMany thanks for a fine system and providing a good set of safety instructions. D Snyder