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"Steve, I did some trimming with about 18 ft of pole and it worked great. Much easier and safer than climbing a ladder with the shorter pole saw I had been using. It’s not cheap but its a nice sturdy rig and there is nothing close to it in the stores. I’m glad I stumbled across this on the internet". Brian M.

Hi Steve, I have already used my new pole saw. Lightweight, sturdy, durable, definitely a fine product. I checked 5 different vendors locally and was unable to find a product of this quality anywhere. The videos that you included were also useful. Thanks again,  Dave B

Steve - Got my equipment and thanks for the quick delivery. I've gotten the hang of using the longer pole saw pretty quickly.  It's good exercise for old guys like me. Great product! Robert

"I purchased the pss30nc pole saw system and have been very impressed with the quality of the poles and the saw head. I find a little graphite on the blade makes for easy cuts on large branches. This company knows what they are doing. I had an issue with a clip and their customer service rep quickly sent me several clips. I will be purchasing from this company again." Len, MN

I am an avid homeowner, not a professional, but I was looking for a saw that would reach further than my hardware-store version.  I was used to the combination telescoping saw/lopper style, so it took me awhile to get used to this with its add-on poles and separate heads.  But let me say, this 25' version (HTPSPL25) is remarkable. The weight of the poles is sufficient to saw down cleanly on branches, yet not too great to move the assembly around for lopping (different head) with the aid of the handle.  I highly recommend this product. Bruce, IL

I had to email you back and say what a great piece of equipment this pole saw pruner is. I've used it hard for a solid week straight out of the box and it sure makes life easier. I have been fighting these red tips and birch trees for years standing on top of a ladder. Really makes me wonder how a home owner can make it without something like this. Thanks again for the product and stay in touch. Best Regards, Richard K

"Thanks for the prompt shipment!  The pole saw is exactly as described. I appreciated all the tracking information. This pole saw has twice the reach of anything I could buy locally." Ed. PA

"I received the pole saw and it worked great. Thanks for producing a simple, solid tool." Fred-LA

Steve, thanks for the input. Once again, your product paid for itself in one use. You were absolutely right. I had to go with all extensions, with the fiberglass on top, and that little extra weight on the top with the fiberglass applies a little more leverage/tension on the blade to minimalize bouncing. Dennis

Hi Steve, I appreciate you taking my most recent order with American Tree Service Supply over the phone. Your company and the products you offer are first class. I am completley satisfied with every purchase that  &  Palm Tree Service has made over the last three years. My customers are amazed that I can trim their 20-32ft palm or pine trees without using a ladder. The ATSS pruning pole saw system gives me total flexibility under any job situation. Steve, I personally want to thank you for being a true professional. Keep up the good work! Sincerely I remain, D. J.

Thought I would send you a short testimonial. I bought your ATSS-TSPL30 package a couple of years ago.  It is wonderful.  I have a hilly drive way with large trees on both sides and had been unable to safely trim back the branches that were hanging into the vehicle space.  This set solved the problem.  The blade is very sharp as you promised. I have since used it for trimming trees around my deer stand as well and lots of trees around my yard so that I could mow under them. I use the saw with one or two poles to prune smaller trees at ground level.  I can stand outside the tree branches and still reach the trunk and cut off the branches. I am impressed with how light the poles are and have been able to use four poles at a time but I don't believe I am strong enough to handle five poles. That is a long reach. I have been examining other pruners that I see in the big box stores and quite frankly they are heavy and of limited reach. I am happy that I bought your saw package. David V

Thank you, the product is fantastic. I took down several fairly large limbs about 25' or more up that were damaged in the February snow storm. Unfortunately with the 2nd large branch I took down it struck and then landed on my pole, bending two of the sections. Remarkably I was able to complete the job even with the two bent poles. I will likely order two new poles. Thank you again for the great product and prompt delivery. 
Bob T.

I received the saw/head yesterday and the poles today.  I have already removed some of the mistletoe from the highest reaches of a cottonwood tree.  It was great not having to use and old Corona fiberglass pole saw duct taped to assorted lengths of pipe and getting on a ladder.  You have made my life a lot easier and safer.  Great product and service, I thank you. Happy Holidays. Jimmy Z. N.M.

"My husband totally loves the pole saw! It is light weight and sturdy. It doesn't bend and bow like the fiberglass ones. The blade is extra sharp and 30ft sure covers a lot of territory! All our trees are magnificent! Thanks for the great customer service you provide". Pat and Jimmy

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