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Pole Saw | Tree Saw | Pole Pruners

Pole Saw | Tree Saw | Pole Pruners

We have a large selection of pole saw pruner systems to fit every budget.

Hi Steve, Just letting you know I received everything ok, the poles came a few days late due to a truck break down. Trimmed a few of my pin oaks this evening and really like your pruning system.  -Pete-

ATSS HPS25  Pole Saw 1-3/8 ODATSS HPS25 Pole Saw 1-3/8 OD
The ATSS HPS25 pole saw allows the user to reach up to 25 ft. Smaller pole diameter at 1-3/8" is suitable for both men and women.
ATSS Pole Saw - PSS30ATSS Pole Saw - PSS30
1-3/4" pole diameter. 6 blue anodized coated aluminum poles.
Pole Saw ATSS- PSS30NCPole Saw ATSS- PSS30NC
1-3/4" pole diameter. Fiberglass pole permits for safer trimming around household feed.
Pole Saw Pruner - ATSS-HPSPL25Pole Saw Pruner - ATSS-HPSPL25
1-3/8" pole diameter. Reach up to 25 feet. Trim with either the 1-3/4" pruner or 16" blade. Free Ergo Handle
Pole Saw Pruner ATSS-PSPL30NCPole Saw Pruner ATSS-PSPL30NC
Fiberglass pole permits for safer trimming around common household feed.1-3/4" pruner head cut and 16" hooked tip blade.
Tree Saw Pole Pruner ATSS-TSPL30Tree Saw Pole Pruner ATSS-TSPL30
33 foot reach or more without a ladder! Large 1-3/4" lopper cut and 16" hooked tip blade. 6 poles plus free ergo handle
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ATSS HPL25 Pole Pruner 1-3/8 ODATSS HPL25 Pole Pruner 1-3/8 ODThe ATSS Pole Pruner Lopper HPL25 reaches 25ft. Smaller pole diameter at 1-3/8" is suitable for both men and women
ATSS Pole Pruner PPL25NCATSS Pole Pruner PPL25NCThe ATSS Pole Pruner Lopper PPL25NC is non-conductive and reaches up to25 feet.
Pole Pruners ATSS-PPL25Pole Pruners ATSS-PPL25ATSS Pole Pruner Lopper PPL25 Reaches tall limbs up to 25 feet with no ladder required.
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Yo, I used my tree saw today for the first time and was completely satisfied.  It cut the tree limbs like a hot knife through “butta”….I’m happy that it was at least made in USA from foreign materials; however, the foreign materials were top-knotch.  I try to buy AMERICAN, or at least mostly American,  whenever I can.  You folks have a quality product that simply cannot be bought at ANY American Do-it-yourself-store.  All the “Box” stores sell crap made in China, and I simply refuse to buy cheap Chinese “crap”!  Thanks again, and God bless you and God bless Amerca! George McCall Tennessee 37183 

Hi Steve, Just wanted to drop you a shot line to tell you how much I like the pole saw that I purchased some time ago. The poles clip together tight and remain that way throughout operation. The poles are pretty rigid with three extensions. The saw came with two fanno saw blades and I wanted the Marvin saw blades which were sent to me at a later date. The Marvin and the Fanno saw blades seem to cut the same be it pine or ash. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. Lance

Hey Steve, Got the pruner today, it works great, also the $80 refund posted to my account. Thanks for all your help, you have been a real pleasure to deal with. You may also consider me an ATSS advertiser in Alabama. Thanks, Larry Johnson

Thks. Good equip. I avoid disease on my palms by doing it myself. More messy trees than willows. Doug K.

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