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Best Pole Saw Systems, ATSS Pole Saw
Pole Saw Systems Reach 33'

Pole Saw Systems Reach 33'

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Hi Steve, I have already used my new pole saw. Lightweight, sturdy, durable, definitely a fine product. I checked 5 different vendors locally and was unable to find a product of this quality anywhere. The videos that you included were also useful.  Thanks again,  Dave B

Thanks Steve, just moved to Florida in 2014 and have 8 Queen Palm trees that need constant love. You saw system is just what I needed to get up 20-25 feet. No more ladders for me;-) Many Thanks again, Happy Thanksgiving. Cheers,  Jim

ATSS HPS25  Pole Saw 1-3/4 ODATSS HPS25 Pole Saw 1-3/4 OD
The ATSS HPS25 pole saw allows the user to reach up to 25 ft.
ATSS Pole Saw - PSS30ATSS Pole Saw - PSS30
1-3/4" pole diameter. 6 blue anodized coated aluminum poles.
Pole Saw Pruner - ATSS-PSPL30Pole Saw Pruner - ATSS-PSPL30
Achieve a higher reach without a ladder and your feet on the ground. Modular quick connect design for fast swap out of all components.
Free Ergo Handle
Steve - -
My TSPL30 pole pruner arrived the other day and I really like it.  I have been pruning the living and sawing the dead limbs and it is quite an enjoyable experience.  The pole saw is top quality and easy to assemble.  It is light enough to work with even with the 6 poles in use. I just thought I would send you a brief note to let you know I satisfied I am with this trimmer. It was a pleasure doing business with you.  I will be ordering some accessories very soon. Thank you.
 Rick Schmaltz
Outside Plant Engineer

Aloha Stephen,
Thanks for providing such a great product.  I work as a Superintendent in Hawaii and the saw you sell allows us to reach tree limbs we have had to pay outside contractors to trim in the past.  Again great product -- we will be ordering more replacement parts and possibly another saw in the future.  Mahalo,  Andrew Hagar  Golf Course Superintendent. Pearl Country Club

Hi Steve, Thanks for you quick response. I've been using the pole and the blade is amazing. SHARP. Thank you. Mike
Steve, I cannot believe how awesome the Tree Saw Pole Pruner ATSS-TSPL30 I purchased is. I must admit I was a little skeptical of all the awesome reviews. I have struggled maintaining my 35-40 ft. Queen Palms for the past 15 years. I have tried every pole saw imaginable to no avail. I inevitably had to resort to paying $150 yearly to have them professionally done. I was able to do the same job in less than an hour. I really wish I had found this awesome tool before. The saw blade is incredibly sharp, and cut through the fronds and pods in less than a minute. I have struggled for more than a half hour in the past. The pruner worked great too on my smaller palms. I couldn't be happier. At 54 years of age, I'm trying to work smarter not harder. Consider me one happy customer!
Thanks So Much for an Awesome Pole Saw/Pruner, Mark Millsap
Stephen: Just wanted to tell you I have been using the pole tree trimmer [with blade] and it is well worth the money. I trimmed tree branches that were too high to reach without your pole and that the tree people wanted an arm and leg to do. Well worth the money and the bag to keep everything in is an outstanding accessory Guess you can see I ordered an extra blade as don’t want to get caught without a sharp one. Thanks for the great service. Douglas Willis

I am in my third year using your pole saw and have just ordered some accessories. Appreciate the saw greatly. Thanks for such a fine product. Herb Flint

I used the extended pole saw and the bypass pruners at mine in-laws house to remove dead branches up to a height on 20 ft. Both worked very well. I also found some muscles I hadn't used for awhile. For the higher up branches the saw worked very well. John C. Colorado
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Hi Steve, I received my saw and poles on the same day  (less than a week after ordering) works great on my pecan trees! I would definitely buy another blade if there is a 22 inch available in the future, have some 8-10 inch limbs that needs to be cut also. Thanks for everything. Ben

Steve, I want to thank you so much. Not only was my delivery right on time, I love this pole saw. We got so much work done it was unbelievable. Whipped that big nasty tree into submission and I had a ball doing it with my kids. Once I started I couldn't seem to stop, haha. When a woman in her 60s can have fun at work anyone should be able to. Again Thank You and God Bless. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Pat

"Steve, I did some trimming with about 18 ft of pole and it worked great. Much easier and safer than climbing a ladder with the shorter pole saw I had been using. It’s not cheap but its a nice sturdy rig and there is nothing close to it in the stores. I’m glad I stumbled across this on the internet". Brian M.

Steve: I received the poles and saw within 3 business days. I have a large assortment of palm trees, oaks and pecan trees. Some palms I have not been able to trim for several years due to height. I am pleased to say that my new pole saw does a quick job of these trees! Now I can enjoy looking at them again. I have also trimmed my magnolias and some troublesome pecan branches that were on the roof of a garage. The saw blade provided cut the 5" hardwood with no problem. I intend to order your lopper head too for the fan palms with their small diameter fronds! Thank you for the fast service! John L. 
Hi Steve, We received our extra poles yesterday. Thank you so much for taking the time to look into our shipments and letting me know status and tracking information. It has been such a pleasure working with you. I can tell that you truly want to provide good products and good customer service at a reasonable price. That is hard to fine these days :) Your efforts are greatly appreciated! I wish you the best! Sincerely, Maidstone Garden Services

Hi Steve, I just finished my first day of tree work with your PSS30. I'm very,very pleased. It is extremely well made. This blade could cut through 3-inch limbs with no problem whatsoever. What I did today would have cost over $500.00 from a commercial tree company. This saw more than twice paid for itself in just one workday. Your product is pure quality. Respectfully, Dan Wilson

Thanks. Got everything and it works well.  With 3 poles I can reach higher than my old polesaw. David Robinette

Steve, Everything arrived very quickly and in good shape used the tool first time yesterday and everything worked great. Took a few try's to get use to it but it cut the branches quickly and easily. Thank you. Dean Hunter