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Pole Pruners | Long | ATSS
Long Pole Pruners

Long Pole Pruners

Our pole pruners are light-weight with a large 1-3/4 inch cut and can be complemented with a wide range of Accessories.
DIY and save hundreds!
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Pole Pruners ATSS-PPL25Pole Pruners ATSS-PPL25ATSS Pole Pruner Lopper PPL25 Reaches tall limbs up to 25 feet with no ladder required.
The advantage of using a by-pass pruner lopper on 1-3/4 inch diameter branches or less is that these smaller branches tend to wag like a dogs tail when using a saw blade. This causes a rough cut, potentially damages the tree and takes extra effort. The by-pass blade cuts the branch "clean" reducing tree damage.

Steve, Just today, I had an opportunity to use your saw for the first time. I was very impressed! Wow! I have used the trimmer a number of times and it works great. But the saw makes such a difference. Thanks for selling a great product. Walt Fielding

Pole Saw Pruner - ATSS-PSPL30Pole Saw Pruner - ATSS-PSPL30
Achieve a higher reach without a ladder and your feet on the ground. Modular quick connect design for fast swap out of all components.
Free Ergo Handle

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