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ATSS Frequently Asked Questions
ATSS Frequently Asked Questions

ATSS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Models?

A: The difference is the outside diameter (OD) of the pole(s). The "H" prefixed  systems means the poles diameter is 1-3/8in. The "T" and "P" prefixed systems are 1-3/4 in.  All systems with "NC" are non-conductive models and the fiberglass pole is 1-1/2in.

Q: Can I buy additional poles after the fact?

A: Yes, but due to excessive shipping charges that must be added, we strongly suggest you consider the purchase of additional poles when you order your system. They are inexpensive and it's not a bad idea to have on hand "just in case."

Q: Are the H poles as strong as the T & P poles?

A: Yes and No. The H series poles are 1-3/8 in and when stacked 4 high it will not bend, buckle, twist or collapse, same as his big brother, however, it has a bit more whip at the top when a 5th pole is added. With the "H" systems, once the blade is on the branch the poles will relax and stay rigid during the cut.

Q: I want to use a fiberglass bottom pole with the HPS system. Is this possible?

A: Too expensive, buy the "TPS" or "PSS" NC system(s)

Q: Can I add Additonal Poles to the PSS30 and PSS30NC Systems?

A: Yes on both systems, however, the PSS30NC fiberglass handle pole will flex and may be potentially damaged depending on the height. DO NOT STACK MORE THAN 3 ALUMINUM POLES. When the 5th pole is required for height, use fiberglass as the TOP pole and ONLY WHEN YOUR NOT TRIMMING AROUND ELECTRICAL WIRING.

Q: As with any product of this nature that extends to that length, is there going to be an issue with binding, bending or twisting when extended out beyond 20-25 feet?

A: No, because our poles interlock and snap lock in place and are made of consistent diameter tubular aluminum, they do not bend, twist, loosen, collapse or flex while cutting.

Q: Can I cut through a branch that might be  up to 4-5 in diameter?

A: Yes, the blade is 16" with 13 in + tooth cut with a hooked tip to help keep it in the cut. I have had clients cut 10in+ branches after gaining experience with the instructions via the web which we provide links to. These links are on the site and are included in the tracking email we send to you. "Instructions-tips & tricks." 

Q: Can you give me any other information that would convince me that your saw is the best for the money, as I would like to order one in the next day or so.

A: Absolutely!
1) Should a telescopic model gets slightly bent, you will probably end up having to throw it and your investment away. With our system, should one pole get damaged, it is easily replaced and you're back in business, and you can continue on trimming with the other poles while awaiting delivery of the new pole.
2) The aluminum poles have a lifetime warranty. Send us a pic of a stress fracture or a split in the tube, and we will ship one free. We have yet had to do so however.
3) Our saw head is a universal brand name model that can accept most blades, including the brand name blade provided with the system. We do not hold you hostage to  have to do business with us, although you will want to. Most competitors pole saws have you "tied in" to their exclusive blades.
4) To enhance user safety, along with the safety links we send you, we strongly suggest the purchase of an ergonomic handle accessory. We are the only company that I know that sells anything close to the quality of ours. This handle assists the user in "pulling back" the unit at the completion of a cut. Regardless of manufacturer, at 30', gravity does its job. With your hand having a solid grip and by using your tricepts to pull or hold a position, you reduce back strain, finger, forearm and wrist strain, and in addition, you maintain a more upright position during the task.
5) The ergonomic handle is strongly advised for the PSS models as the diameter of the pole may be to large to handle properly. With the handle accessory, you greatly increase your control and reduce strain.
6) Our systems are expandable, and we are introducing new quality accessory products, such as the handle accessory just released.
7) The delivered cost per foot makes our systems the best VALUE on the market!

Q: I purchased your equipment but I did not receive a receipt?

A: You will receive email receipt within one minute of completion of sale. Should you not receive a receipt, please check the email address you entered. If a typo is dicovered, please email us the correct email address. You will also receive an email notice with notification of shipment. Your Instructions, Tips & Tricks are attached to this email. Please provide a valid email address and white-list us.

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Thank you!

Again, I appreciate your questions via email and also with me personally via our toll free number 877-208-9548
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