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Three important ‘P’s of Tree Care
Good soil, water, sunlight and air are all needed if trees are going to thrive and remain healthy. But it doesn’t stop there, regular pruning with high quality tools like a pole saw is also important. In addition to pruning, trees should be properly planted and protected. That takes care of 3 of the most important ‘P’s of tree care.
If you plant a lovely tree in the wrong place it may never flourish. So the first thing you need to get right is the planting site. Trees should be planted in areas with good drainage and the right environment, so that means avoiding spots where they will be vulnerable to icy winter winds or severe summer heat. Newly planted trees should be mulched and watered to encourage growth, and mature trees should be trimmed and treated as needed.
Pruning is also important to tree health. Cutting back your trees regularly eliminates dead and diseased branches that can attract insects and other harmful organisms. It also improves growth and strengthens the structure. Sometimes trees also need pruning for safety reasons, but if the branches are near a utility line, then be sure to call in the power company.
·         Tools: There are specific tools and techniques that are central to proper pruning. Some of the preferred tools include the long pole saw, tree saw, hedge shears, and secateur.
·         Techniques: Crown thinning is a common technique used to remove stems and branches that may be inhibiting light penetration. Crown raising refers to the removal of the lower branches of the tree, and crown reduction involves cutting back long limbs.
Trees also need to be protected, especially from things like root damage, disease, and extreme weather. It is advisable to minimize the amount of digging or trenching that’s done near the root of the tree, in order to prevent any damage to the root zone. 
·         It is also necessary to inspect and treat your trees regularly. That’s the best way to catch potential hazards such as insects and diseases early. Cutting away diseased branches with your tree saw will also help.
·         Summer and winter can also be hard on your trees. In the summer you may need to water your trees more than usual. Young trees in particular are susceptible to stress due to the intense heat and hot winds.  In the winter, trees can be affected by winter burn and sun scald. You may need to wrap the trunk of your trees to protect them.
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