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Greetings, There has been a long delay between my order arrival and a chance to use the system. I am delighted! I have been looking at the pruning systems offered in some of the catalogs I normally get but most of them had poles no longer than 12-15 feet. When I saw your system I knew it was what I needed. This weekend, I used the system to remove a 5" diameter black cherry branch about 20' up the trunk. I first cut off the small stuff with the lopper then finished the job with the pole saw. I only needed three pole sections (18') to reach the branch. All went well and I really like your system. Many thanks for a fine system and providing a good set of safety instructions. D Snyder


  1. Scott Bradbury on July 26, 2018 at 1:31 PM said:
    Well I've put the ATSS-PPL25 Pole Pruner to work and added two additional pole sections giving me a total reach of 36+ feet. Initially the pruner was delayed in shipping because the pruner head was out of stock; however, within a week, item was shipped. Assembly is quite easy. I did have one problem with the bolt that is used to connect the prunning head to the pole adapter which broke so I purchased a high strength bolt so that it doesn't break in the future - it has been working like a charm with this high strength bolt installed. With all six pole sections connected to the pruner head, I'm able to reach previously unreachable tree top branches that grow up from down below a very steep bank in my back yard. Now I have a clear view of the ships going back and forth down Colvos passage in the Puget Sound near Vashon Island. I use every inch of this tool to reach these branches and with the help of a roller stand, it is quite manageable and allows me to cut up to 1.5 in tree branches.
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