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Welcome to American Tree Service Supply
Who We Are
We are honest hard working people offering as much value as we possibly can to our valued clients. We take pride as a small family business that specializes in customized personalized service.
What We Do
We build pole saw and pole pruner systems only. That's it. That's all we do, we focus on a specific niche and do it well with a very focused approach and we do it better than anybody else!
Why Choose Us?
American Tree Service Supply (ATSS) is known by its customers for providing them not only the solution for their higher reach pole saw applications, but also rave about our customer service. We deal with online vendors too and most have taught us "what not to do!"
Since early 2009, we have met the challenges faced by homeowners and professionals needing to achieve pruning at taller heights without the use of a ladder, climbing or bucket truck expenses.
Today, we are a leading online provider of long pole saws and pole pruners. With most people wanting to save money by do their own pruning or trimming, we provide them with proper and safe pruning practices. Our clients often return to us because we continue to provide them with the finest pole saws, accessories, service and education.
When we started this business we committed ourselves:
To be a provider of exceptional customer service.
To consistently produce high-quality, durable, professional grade tree pole saw pruner systems and accessories, and sell them at a fair price.
We provide our clients with free educational materials and seminars.
ATSS strives to conduct business in a way that will result in long term, mutually beneficial relationship(s).
We know our business is a refection of our personal life. 
We work at being fully present in the moment so as to give our clients 100% of our attention.
We are committed to the promise that every person will be treated fairly, honestly, ethically, respectfully and in a timely manner.
We trust our clients to treat us the same way as we treat them.
Safety, quality tools and the best trimming practices are our first priority.
We provide free access to links on the site for a number of topics and online seminars.
We are committed to excellent performance in all that we do as individuals and in business while on the planet.
We take responsibility for and correct our mistakes.
Business success is not the be all-end all……happy customers are the be all-end all.
Questions? Want to Order?
Call Us Toll Free @ 877-208-9548
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Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 9:00 EDT
Saturday 10:00 - 5:00