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ATSS Professional Pole Saw Systems Reach 33'
Tree Cutting Tools | Tree Trimming Tools

Tree Cutting Tools | Tree Trimming Tools


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Steve, you have a great product and you run a great company, you did not have to send me the new head free of charge but you did anyway! My advice is to order one from American Tree Service Supply. Mike Palmieri Hilton Head Island, SC

Tree Saw Pole Pruner ATSS-TSPL30Tree Saw Pole Pruner ATSS-TSPL30
33 foot reach or more without a ladder! Large 1-3/4" lopper cut and 16" hooked tip blade. 6 poles plus free ergo handle
ATSS Tree Saw -TPS30ATSS Tree Saw -TPS30
This pole saw has 6 interlocking modular quick connect poles permitting for a high reach without a ladder. Fast set up. 33' reach or more.
Click link for the entire line of ATSS Products

Click link for the entire line of ATSS Products

Click link for the entire line of ATSS Products
WOW, I have struggled the past few years with another brand of long pole saw that turned out just to be a painters pole. I got my TPS30 in about a week after ordering it and I couldn’t be happier. It arrived and I quickly snapped it together and attacked my tallest queen palm. Yes, it’s a little heavy with all the sections but it is SO much easier to use. No more excessive flexing that makes it hard to stay in the cut. And because it’s so stiff I was actually able to use a shorter pole. When I moved to my smaller trees I just dropped off a section and there is no fiddling with some crappy tension device. Just a simple squeeze of the buttons and move on. Thank you for improving my tree trimming experience. I forgot to mention that the TPS30 is so much easier to fit into my car. AND no more fiberglass splinters!!!! Customer for life! Ed Z.

Steve, Both packages have been received...works great!  Thank-you much for the unsolicited refund for the add-on shipping fee.  It speaks volumes about your integrity. Thank-you for your prompt service. Ron
Hello Steve,
I received the ATSS 25 foot pole saw a few days ago and that is all the time it took me to decide what a great saw this is.  Strong but light weight.  Very rigid without a lot of flex.  A good diameter to hold with small hands like mine.  And the accessory handle is a wonderful addition to save an aching back.  The joints fit together well and the locking mechanism is literally a snap.  The Marvin 16 inch tri-edge blade is unbelievably sharp, cuts fast and is easy to use, especially with the intelligently designed hook at the end to keep the blade from sliding off the tree limb.  The saw head is also intelligently designed with an integral hook for pulling down cut branches that are snagged and hanging in other branches.  And you have a fair price relative to other competitors.  You folks did a great job with the ordering process and very responsive both by email and in person on the telephone when I had questions.  You have a first class operation and a first class product. Congratulations from a satisfied customer.
The Madison Group

As a business owner myself I am impressed by how you have taken charge of this niche.  I believe that I will receive a well made product at a fair price.  Your reviews are good and these instructions and tips are first rate. Congratulations on creating a small business that competes with the big box stores and Amazon! Frank B. Snyder 

I have been using this cool pole saw tool for the last few weeks. It is death on pine, cedar, and mulberry trees. I can't believe the size of branches this 5'6", 145 pound gal can tackle. The eucalyptus tree is still a bit of a challenge, but when you have 32 tall trees in need of pruning, this is a moot point. The pole saw is outstanding and that hooky hooked gizmo has saved my butt a few times getting branches down. So, I will be ordering another saw soon. But bottom line....I really am enjoying my new tool. Sincerely,  
Yvonne D
Hey Stephen!
My son just informed me that the last piece of the snow rake puzzle has come in. Awesome!! Thank you very much. Had the poles delivered yesterday as you had predicted. Looks like a very good quality product.  I can't wait to get out tomorrow and get the snow off my roof. Well, actually I can. Lol. 
Wanted to let you know that I recommended you to an insurance agency owner friend of mine that has many clients in the same predicament as I am in. So, you might be seeing a few inquiries about your accessory. Thanks again for all your help.
John A. MA.

Good evening Steve.

I looked at your reviews online and agree with the opinions of the people. Your equipment is top notch and that includes everything from the tools to the accessories etc. I will recommend your company highly. Thank you for saving my neck in regards to safety issues. The long cutting poles really help in an accident free environment and is a joy using the tools. I am glad I bought the bag and scabbard accessories as well. Have a nice day.
Greg H. Ca.


Your company was great to order from. I was surprised how fast I received my 33’ aluminum tree saw and how good the quality is. This saw is not available at any store and it takes some getting used to but it worked great and the more I use it the more I love  it. I have 4 queen palms 30’/40’ and I was able to trim them up with this saw. I am going to have to get one or two more poles if they get any taller but I will do business with you again. Thank you very much for the excellent service.
J. Spencer Fl.
Click link for the entire line of ATSS Products

Hi Steve, Just wanted to let you know how great the tree trimming kit is working.  I have about 1/2 acre of woods on my property and it is a better tool than I ever expected it to be.  The poles are so light weight and easy to use.  I couldn't be more satisfied.  The extra 2 pole extensions worked out great. Thanks also for correcting my original order that saved me money. Ken T. Morris Ill

Steve, The only thing as good as your outstanding service is the saw.  I told my wife if she looked at it, she’d get cut.  I thought I need a protective sheath for that blade and, sure enough, you’ve got one AND a bag to hold those poles. I’ve been buying on line since dial-up, over 20 years.  Your level of service was so remarkable, compared with all my other experiences both great and terrible, as to make you  #1 in the world. I will recommend you. Ron Sills

Steve, Just wanted to say I’m very satisfied with the pole saw.  It performs exactly as advertised.  Assembling and dis-assembling is a snap.  Great product. Thanks, Bill Bull
Got it today, looks good. Looking forward to using it! Your shipping is very timely - thanks - and product support is great. Thanks again. Darryl

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