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Pole Saw Long Pruning Systems
Pole Saw Systems | Long Pole Pruners

Pole Saw Systems | Long Pole Pruners

"Great Service and Your Complete Satisfaction Is All We Know"

  • When you need to reach those 30 foot plus high branches safely you really need to look at the ATSS pole saw and pole pruner product line.
  • When you invest in an ATSS high quality 90-93% Made in USA product, you benefit from ownership of the tool for years and elimination of ladder climbing!
  • All components are easily and inexpensively replaceable. We provide Value!
  • Our pole saw systems are not available in any store anywhere!
  • Your purchase supports American manufacturing & all aluminum poles have a lifetime warranty.
Limited time offer: 1 FREE EXTRA Pole.*
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ATSS Pole Saw Pruner Products

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"Our long pole tree saw grows in height as your trees do!"

ATSS Long Pole Saw Set UpOur pole saw took down this 5 inch diameter limb. NICE!
ATSS Pole Saw Pruner Product Line

Hi ATSS,  I have been using this cool tool for the last few weeks. It is death on pine, cedar, and mulberry trees. I can't believe the size of branches this 5'6", 145 pound gal can tackle. The eucalyptus tree is still a bit of a challenge, but when you have 32 tall trees in need of pruning, this is a moot point. The saw is outstanding and that hooky gizmo has saved my butt a few times getting branches down. So, I will be ordering another saw soon. But bottom line....I really am enjoying my new pole saw tool. Sincerely,  Yvonne D

Thanks Steve.  I received the pole saw and it is awesome!  I am cutting limbs 40-ft in the air from the ground. Great Value & Excellent Service! Doug B. NC

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* The large diameter manual pole saw pruner sets are designed for a maximum stacking of 5 poles. Adding additional poles may cause additional stress causing failure however this is extremely rare.
 Free extra pole applies to select 1-3/4" pole diameter systems.
See Product Description(s) for details.

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